Call for papers

Artificial Life is an interdisciplinary field of science focused on abstracting the essential features and dynamics of living systems in order to create artificial, life-like systems. The 8th German Workshop on Artificial Life addresses biologists, physicists, information and computer sciencists, chemists, mathematicians, and philosophers interested in this field. The workshop is open to an international audience and will be held in English.

Selected contributions will be published in the journal Advances in Complex Systems, as a topical part of a regular issue.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Understanding the origin of life: models of prebiotic evolution, protocells and minimal models of reproducing cells
  • Modelling of biological processes in evolutionary biology, ecology, developmental biology, immunology, cell biology and molecular biology
  • Systems biology
  • Adaptive behaviour, pattern recognition, perception and evolution of sensors, morphology and actuators, learning and intelligence in biological and artificial systems
  • Complexity and its emergence in biological processes
  • Self-organization in living and life-like systems (e.g. swarms, hypercycles, multicellular systems, multi-agent systems)
  • Information processing in biological systems
  • Application of principles of life (e.g. self-organization, evolution, adaptation, learning and intelligence) to the design of artificial systems and technical solutions (e.g. robots, hardware, and software)
  • Communication, social behaviour and its evolution in artificial societies (e.g. robots)
  • Epistemological foundations for sciences investigating living systems

Contributions are not limited to reports of completed research, but may also describe ongoing research, fresh concepts and ideas, or identify and discuss open questions, such as to allow early interdisciplinary input and interactions with respect to these issues.


Contributions are invited for oral and poster sessions. They should be formatted according to the instructions below. The length of a contribution must not exceed 12 pages. No minimum length is required. For poster contributions, typically a length of four pages will be appropriate.

Computer demonstrations accompanying accepted contributions are encouraged, as such demonstrations are frequently a suitable and adequate means of communication about Artificial Life systems. Contributors are kindly asked to identify their needs regarding technical equipment as early as possible, and to make arrangements with the local organizers.


To prepare your submission please do the following:
  • Download the ACS LaTeX Stylefiles and follow the formatting instructions in the file ws-acs.pdf. This will be almost automatic when using LaTeX with the class ws-acs.cls. Usage of Microsoft Word or similar word processors is discouraged.
  • Ensure that the first page of the doument contains only title, authors, affiliations and abstract. The first section of the main text begins at the top of page 2. This is because the first page of the document will be included in the abstract book.
  • Compile / convert the document into a single pdf file. The file name should have the format Yourname_Keyword_Version.pdf, e.g. Smith_Protocells_1.pdf
  • Send the pdf file as an attachment to
  • The submission deadline is March 26, 2008.