Overview of contributions

Invited presentations

  • Doron Lancet, Life-Like behavior in a simulated lipid world
  • Stefano Nolfi, Behaviour and Cognition as a Complex Adaptive System: Insights from Evolutionary Robotics Experiments
  • Uwe Tangen, Enzyme-like replication de novo in a micro-controller environment

Contributed papers

  • Moritz Buck and Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Looking for Evidence of Differentiation and Multicellular Cooperation
  • Florian Centler, Ingo Fetzer, Martin Thullner, Modelling Bacterial Metapopulations
  • Jens Christian Claussen, Cyclic coevolutionary dynamics in finite populations: From discrete stochastic processes to replicator and Fokker-Planck equations
  • Jens Christian Claussen, Time-evolution of the Rule 150 cellular automaton activity on two-dimensional and Bethe lattices
  • Ralf Der, Artificial life from the principle of homeokinesis
  • Paolo Di Prodi and Bernd Porr, Adaptive communication promotes sub-system formation in a multi agent system
  • Konrad Diwold, Daniel Merkle, Martin Middendorf, The Influence of Dynamic Environments on Polyethism in Response Threshold Models for Social Insects
  • J. Michael Herrmann, Frank Hesse and Georg Martius, Emergent and goal-oriented behavior in autonomous robots
  • Martin Hoffmann and Joerg Galle, Noise-driven stem cell and progenitor population dynamics
  • Michal Joachimczak, Borys Wrobel, Evolution of 3D development controlled by a gene regulatory network: The complexity of the search space and evolvability
  • Sven Magg, Rene Te Boekhorst, Task allocation by dynamic specialization
  • Thimo Rohlf and Chris Winkler, Network structure and emergence of robustness by stabilizing selection in an artificial genome
  • Christoph Salge and Daniel Polani, Information-driven organization of visual receptive fields